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Language Technology Platform

An open-source neural language technology platform supporting six fundamental Chinese NLP tasks:

  • lexical analysis (Chinese word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, and named entity recognition)
  • syntactic parsing (dependency parsing)
  • semantic parsing (semantic dependency parsing and semantic role labeling)

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HIT-SCIR at MRP 2020: Transition-based Parser and Iterative Inference Parser

This paper describes our submission system (HIT-SCIR) for the CoNLL 2020 shared task: Cross-Framework and Cross-Lingual Meaning Representation Parsing.
Our solution consists of two sub-systems:

  • transition-based parser for Flavor (1) frameworks (UCCA, EDS, PTG)
  • and iterative inference parser for Flavor (2) frameworks (DRG, AMR)
In the final evaluation, our system is ranked 3rd among the seven team both in Cross-Framework Track and Cross-Lingual Track, with the macro-averaged MRP F1 score of 0.81/0.69.

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